Yes. Everyone you see here is a former patient of Apple Cross House. They each came to us with a different cosmetic dental concern.

Whether it was Pat or Brandon or Lydia or Mike, we sat down with them to discuss their hopes, concerns and circumstances. We conducted a full dental analysis and together we worked through the options, got to know each other and arranged to perform the procedure.

Whether it was a relatively straightforward case of teeth whitening or a more involved procedure, such as dental implants or porcelain veneers, each happy former patient was thrilled with their results.

Best of all, when you work with us you will actually be working with the very same dentists , technicians and staff who put the winning, natural smiles on the people you see here.

Before & Afters


Decayed Teeth

Broken Teeth

Redoing Past Cosmetics

Uneven Teeth

Crowded/Crooked Teeth

Bridge and Implant

Dark Tooth

Fixing All Teeth

Broken Teeth

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We are members of the NZDA. New Zealand Dental Association, the professional association for New Zealand dentists.
As well as providing services for its members,, the NZDA is the one body able to speak on behalf of NZ dentistry as a whole.

We are very proud supporters of St John New Zealand, who provide an amazing service to our community.