Is your deteriorating dental health playing on your mind?

Does the thought of a dental chair fill you with dread?

Do your palms go all sweaty when you see a dental drill? If so – you’re not alone. Many of our patients have said that they find going to the dentist to be an anxiety-inducing experience.

However, the last thing we want is for you to put your dental health at risk. That’s why we offer sedation options for our patients so that their dental experience isn’t a terrifying one!

Every client we see has different reasons for wanting sedation during their visit. Sometimes it is purely down to anxiety and for others iit’sdue to the length of their treatment. Either way, there are usually two options.

One of our most popular options is “oral anxiolysis” a sedation regime for main treatment visits that eases feelings of worry and dread. What’s more, we don’t only use this option for anxious clients. Some simply want to get all of their dental work done at once, and sedation dentistry allows us to maximise the work we can complete in each visit.

Oral Anxiolysis

This is a light oral sedation, a popular choice for many of our nervous clients to help them relax during treatment. This type of sedation can last for a few hours and usually leaves the client with very little recollection of the treatment process.

Intravenous Sedation – with Anaesthetist

IV sedation is used in cases which require a longer treatment time or for patients who would prefer not to use oral sedation. IV sedation is carried out by our fully qualified Anaesthetist.

So that we can best help you it’s important that you come in for a personalised review and consult.
Book in for a complimentary discussion where you can meet our team, and learn about which options are available to you. Alternatively call us now on 1800 SMILING (1800 764 546) to arrange your booking.

At Advanced Dental Artistry in Perth, we have two in-house anaesthetists: Dr Annlynn and Dr Terence. They will guide you through the sedation process, and answer all your sedation questions.

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Case Study

All-On-4 (Upper and Lower Teeth)


Dental phobia is quite a common occurrence and is usually a result of a bad experience as a child. Patients with dental phobia tend to ignore toothache, sore gums and jaw hoping it’ll go away. However, after decades of neglect teeth start to break down irreparably and require more serious work. When Adrian came to ADAP he was in his fifty’s and his teeth were failing and needed replacing.

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