Cosmetic work is not just limited to front teeth!

Back teeth need some love too – being strong, functional and uniform is important for a healthy mouth. These teeth do all of our chewing and if some back teeth are lost it can put extra strain on the remaining teeth and cause further issues.

Every dental case is different, and we will need to see you for a personalised consultation so that we can discuss your options and create a plan.

Replace lost or missing teeth

Missing teeth can be replaced using a variety of methods including plates and dentures, dental implants and bridges.

Replace metal fillings

Amalgam (metal) fillings are incredibly strong and long lasting, but sometimes the same cannot be said for the surrounding tooth. Unfortunately, this filling type can be the cause of cracking and breaking. Amalgam also contains mercury, which is considered toxic. Nowadays, white composite fillings are a great alternative.

Restoring heavily filled teeth

If a back tooth has greater than 50 – 60% of filling, the risk of tooth fracture, cracks or breaks can increase. For this, a crown can be placed over the top of the entire tooth. This effectively replaces lost enamel and prevents the possibility of cracks and breaks.

How long is the treatment?

  • Denture/Plate – 1-2 weeks
  • Dental Implant – 12 weeks
  • Porcelain Bridge – 2-4 weeks
  • Replace Silver Fillings – 1 visit
  • Porcelain Crowns – 2-4 weeks

How long does it last?

  • Denture/Plate – up to 5 years
  • Dental Implant – Implant – permanent, Implant crown 10-15+ years
  • Porcelain Bridge – 2-4 weeks
  • Replace Silver Fillings – up to 10 years
  • Porcelain Crowns – 10-15+ years

The reality is many dental procedures cause discomfort of differing levels depending on the type and severity of the procedure.

Our priority is to ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout all procedures. We also offer the option of sedation if you would prefer to sleep during treatment due to nerves or lengthy appointments.

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Case study

Upper All-On-4

Danial All-on-4 before and after

With all his back teeth missing, Daniel was finding it difficult to chew and what few upper teeth he had left were starting to decay and break. It is not uncommon for the teeth on one arch to be used more than the other, and in Daniel’s case, it was his upper arch. The solution was to remove all his upper teeth and replace them with same-day dental implants.

Can I see results of others who have had this problem resolved?

Please see below the examples of just some of our many happy clients who have closed the gaps in their smiles. We thank these clients for allowing us to share their amazing results and stories.

Want more information?

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